Two Steps From Hell – Star Sky

Here we are
Riding the sky
Painting the night with the sun
You and I
Mirrors of night
Twin flames of fire
Lit in another time and place
I knew your name
I knew your face
Your love and grace
Past and present now embrace
Worlds collide in inner space
Unstoppable, the song we play
Burn the page for me
I cannot erase the time of sleep
I cannot be loved so set me free
I cannot deliver your love or caress your soul so
Turn that page for me
I cannot embrace the touch that you give
I cannot find solace in your words
I cannot deliver you your love
Or caress your soul
[Verse 2]
Age to age
I feel the call
Memory of future dreams
You and I
Riding the sky
Keeping the fire bright
From another time and place
I know your name
I know your face
Your touch and grace
All of time cannot erase
What our hearts remember stays
Forever on a song we play

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